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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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woman who made public service a natural part of her life and she will truly be missed. and i remember talking to her about her plans or at least her family's plans that they thought she didn't know about for her upcoming 90th birthday party. and she was very excited about that. still driving around, still talking, still making the phone calls, still just really doing exactly what she loved to do and that is talk and engage people and do everything she can to give back to the city she loved. and, so, she is definitely truly going to be missed and i just wanted to make sure that i said a few words about her because she was an amazing inspiration in my life and the city is so much better off because she was a part of making so many amazing things happen.
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so, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. colleagues, with your permission, i'm going to go a little bit out of turn just to speak to supervisor kennedy. i just would like a moment to talk about her wonderful career, if i may. so, as we discussed from supervisor breed, ruby kennedy was a former member of this body. she was born november 5ing, 1923 to hard working parents in carol, texas. as you know she passed away on june 28th, very suddenly i might add. she graduated from high school in dallas in 1941 and married a man named paul hooney in brown wood, texas in 1942 and from this union they had a daughter named paul heth huey who was born in january of '43. ~ shortly after this, paul and [speaker not understood] divorced and she moved to
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california where she spent -- where she made it her home for over 65 years. and in 1954 she became a member of jones methodist church. that is where she still remained a member of the church all the way up until her passing. here she met a strong and vibrant attorney by the name of joseph g. kennedy whom she -- whom he was heavily involved with the civil rights movement, not just here in san francisco, but all across the country. mrs. kennedy is a graduate of city college of san francisco and later graduated from san francisco state university. she received her first appointment from then mayor dianne feinstein to the human rights commission. her second appointment came later when a vacancy on the redevelopment agency commission allowed mayor feinstein to recommend mrs. kennedy for that seat. after the passing of supervisor
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hutch, mayor feinstein appointed ruby kennedy to that vacancy on the board of supervisors. mrs. kennedy accepted and embarked on her mission for change in the city and county of san francisco, particularly paying attention to bayview hunters point community. supervisor kennedy ran three campaigns for reelection on the board of supervisors and was reelected each time. she spent over 15 years on the board. and while here she left quite a legacy. she authored several pieces of legislation some such as the city's affirmative action programs better known as the minority business enterprises, also affectionally known as mbe as well as wbe, many of which we still continue to used to in determining contracts. ~ and diversity. she also authored the south african apartheid legislation which is i think really telling when you think about the
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struggle that nelson mandela is going through. and this particular legislation for bad the city of san francisco from doing business with any company or individual that had business in south after. she fought hard for public and affordable housing. she gave back to her community in many ways. her civic neighborhood and religious commitments. mrs. kennedy is survived by her sister gladia bell, [speaker not understood], also known as lulu [speaker not understood]. her daughter paulette huey. she left quite a legacy, 7 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren, 11 great-great grandchildren, a whole host of foster grandchildren, as well as a host of nieces, nephews and cousins. we're talking about a legacy that spans from new york city
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to chicago to tulsa, oklahoma to los angeles and every single point in between. services are going to be held in her honor this thursday and friday at her church jones memorial united methodist. and the repast will be at the southeast community center. mrs. kennedy was a champion for the people and she will be greatly missed by those who knew her personally as well as professionally. if she ever smiled at you or complimented you or gave you a gift or even disagreed with you, she had a way of doing it with class. she had a way of making you feel so very special. mrs. kennedy, your family, your friends, and community thank you for your dedicated years of service and trail blazing, but even more for your generosity, mentor ship, diligence, caring, many, many years of laughter, and most of all, the love that
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you shared. she was will be greatly missed. she was like a giant ~ in this city. so, colleagues, i ask that you join me collectively [speaker not understood] the board meeting in honor of her memory. thank you. >> thank you, colleagues. can we adopt this on behalf of the full board? without objection, that shall be the case. [gavel] >> madam clerk? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam clerk, and thank you, supervisor breed, supervisor cohen, for your remarks about supervisor kennedy. it's really amazing individual and very classy and dignified. i think it's appropriate that we all adjourn in her memory today. i just want to make a couple of points. the first, i think it's been quite an amazing few days and a tragic few days because of the crash that happened on saturday.
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but as someone who has visiting family when this tragedy happened, one of the things that became very clear is that we have a lot to be proud of as a city. the tremendous work of the first responders who came to the scene and rescued so many people and saved so many lives, you know, from people like officer cunningham who went into that plane without any gear to take people out, to lieutenant [speaker not understood], to the firefighters, nurses, doctors. it's been pretty incredible to hear about the stories. i know that our own deputy sheriffs made a point of going out of their way to make sure that they assisted the people who are taken to san francisco general hospital. so many different stories of heroism that we have here in san francisco, and i think that at some point it would be appropriate for us collectively as a board to make sure that we
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recognize that heroism and it's something that i'm certainly very proud of and something that i heard from, you know, people outside of san francisco who are watching those that san francisco was truly red and i doing an amazing job. makes me very proud. the last thing is that i like to make just a couple of points about what's happening with city college and i want to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor kim for their questions as well as mayor lee for his comments about city college. and i just want to speak as the supervisor for district 9 which includes the city college mission campus and i want to talk a little bit about what city college means to not only my community in district 9, but to the entire city. and my hope is that with the change in the situation where you have the future of that
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entity in the hands of trustee robert eduala, i think it's important for us as leaders in this city to help mr. arduela understand how important city college as an institution is to our city. and when i say that we need to save city college, i'm not talking about just saving a, a community college system, but we are saving an institution that in many respects is the embodiment of the american dream for so many people. it is truly i think about saving san francisco values. and to me, city college to be saved, it requires that certain key programs that are integral part of city college and the service that it provides remain. first, we need to make sure that we protect the [speaker not understood] programs that have been essential to so many immigrants.
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if immigration reform passes, one of the pathways to citizenship would be to have fluency in english. it would be critical to so many communities to make sure that the programs surround language that are provided by city college continue. the adult education classes that are provided in most of the state, adult learning actually happens at k to 12 schools, but many programs have been cut. we have seen that statewide and so we need to make sure that we preserve the non-credit classes that are serving more than 3,000 adult students right now alone. the job training programs that city college focuses on that support job placement with so many community-based organizations, i don't think that we would have a successful professional development initiative anywhere in this city without the work of city college. likewise, the work force development initiatives that are part of city college, many
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students attend city college directly from the work force to retool the skills to add skills, to make themselves competitive in this current job market. these are i-t graphic design, fire academy, police academy, home support nursing, you name it. city college provides it. there is also the second chance program which is a program that works with formerly incarcerated youth that helps these people, these young people get a new start in life. there is the veteran center which not only provides academic counseling to veterans, but also provides therapy and other support services. there is the guardian scholars program which serves former foster care students not only helping them academically, but also providing nonacademic support. there is a program that addresses senior health. in fact, many seniors take classes at city college, classes that are essential for not only their physical, but
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actually their mental, emotional well-being. and these low-cost classes include yoga, pilates and swimming. they're programs that are helping students transfer to four-year colleges. in fact, 15 to 20% of city college students transfer to four-year college which is a pretty high rate. and we want to preserve that. there are programs that are preserving -- that are helping people have an affordable way of getting an education. we have heard how student loan interest rates have more than doubled recently. and, so, for many students, city college provide the only affordable way to go and get a college education. i think it's really critical, especially in places le the mission, southeast quadrant, and chinatown where you're talking about thousands and thousands of students that are
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being served that we make sure that we keep those campuses open. i know that in the mission campuses 68, 7 out of 10 students are immigrants. and, so, the city college campus essentially becomes the true embodiment of the american dream for so many people. that is what this trustee has been charged with saving and i don't think that it's enough to simply say we need to maintain the community college open. we need to have a college that has all of those components. and i know that every member of this board has indicated the importance of saving city college, but we need to make sure that we save city college in its present form in a way that truly serves the needs of these diverse communities. one thing that i would say is that all of us should be open to working closely with the new trustee. we also have to be mindful that
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in the past, the one time when something like this has happened and that happened in com ton with compton college a few years back when there was a trustee who had the same power and authority ~ that the current trustee has been provided with in city college sadly in that case, that city college closed. so, we need to make sure that the track record of this entity does not come to fruition here in san francisco. it is unacceptable, unacceptable for this city, for the residents of this city in terms of what this institution means for city college as we have known it to close. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, madam clerk. first of all, i have an in memoriam for the two chinese students who tragically died in the crash of asiana airline flight at sfo saturday.
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you may have read about them in the press. the two students were 16 years old, students at one of the top schools in eastern china. they were coming to the united states for a summer exchange program to improve their english that they and their families were very excited about. [speaker not understood] excelled at the piano as she did in her academics. ms. [speaker not understood] enjoyed calligraphy [speaker not understood]. they ate lunch together and no one was surprised to they chose to sit together on saturday's flight. we send our condolances to the families and best wishes to the other injured victims in the crash and their families. colleagues, i am introducing legislation in ordinance today to streamline the financial hardship application process at our rent board. as you may recall a few months ago, we passed legislation that supervisor wiener and i along with mayor lee had sponsored requiring certain substory
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buildings to be seismically retrofitted to protect our residents and workers in the event of a future earthquake. like all other capital improvements, landlords are allow today apply to the rent board to pass on the cost of the retrofit to rent increases to tenants. when we approved the legislation i commit today following up with trailing legislation to help tenants who had financial hardships better access exemptions granted by the rent board. according to the rent board the current exemption process takes about five months, three months for a hearing to be scheduled and two months for a decision to be made. our legislation would streamline this process by directing the rent board to make an administrative decision in lieu of a hearing based on specific eligibility criteria. if a tenant can demonstrate he or she receives means tested public assistance like ssi or has a household earning of less than 80% of the area median income and pays more than one-third of their income to rent, or if a tenant faces exceptional financial
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circumstances due to circumstances such as significant medical bills, the rent board could approve a hardship exemption administratively. this legislation also requires that the rent board provide notification to tenants of the hardship exemption procedures and the physical application. the goal of the legislation is to ensure the protection of our most vulnerable buildings -- i'm sawyer. the goal is to ensure that the protection of our most vulnerable buildings comes hand in hand with moe at thectiontionv of our most vulnerable tenants. with this legislation is a shared responsibility to keep our city resilient in the face of emergencies. i want to take a moment and thank mayor lee and supervisors kim, mar, and campos for also sponsoring this legislation and for jeff buckley in the mayor's office of housing, the san francisco's tenants union san francisco housing rights committee, just cause and the san francisco apartment association for working with my office and my aide amy chance crafting these policy changes. i look forward to working with you for this legislation.
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back to you, madam clerk. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor cohen, you wanted to introduce the rest of your items face >> thank you, madam clerk. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell? supervisor kim? >> thank you. i also want to thank the mayor's office and specifically jeff buckley for his work on this trailing legislation for the seismically retrofit program for soft wood frame buildings. at the time when this passed, many of you remember certificatev of us including myself were very concerned about the tenants' ability to pay for the increased capital cost which is 100% pass through. and my support for this legislation was conditioned on the trailing legislation which would assign the hardship application which as many of you know is an arduous and invasive process which many of our tenants have gone through to receive relief from capital cost pass throughs.
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while seismically retrofitting soft building is extremely important to the protection of represents making sure tenants who cannot afford this increase are not unduly burdened by this capital cost is very important. the average san francisco rent for one bedroom apartment at 2700 tenants are extremely sensitive to any type of price increase and these increases can make a difference in a resident's ability to stay in their homes. this trailing legislation would clarify and streamline procedures for filing a hardship application and any tenant who can demonstrate that he or she is on some form of public assistance or making 80% ami or less will automatically be relieved for the pass through [speaker not understood] instead of publicly appearing before the rent board with a personal documents which are subject to cross-examination by landlord. land lords will still be able to request a hearing or appeal but this at least will help streamline the process for many
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residents that were worried about their future here in san francisco, but of course want to live safely in their buildings. so, i want to recognize president chiu's office for moving this forward and happy to co-sponsor this legislation today. second, i had mentioned two weeks ago that today i would be introducing legislation to place interim formula retail controls on the market street corridor from sixth street to van ness avenue. this interim ordinance will acquire new formula retail in the targeted area to apply for conditional use permit while planning conducts an economic impact analysis prepared by independent consultant, application and directs planning to direct [speaker not understood] formula retail use over the area in the next 18 months. and continue to be an advocate for the economic revitalization of the mid-market corridor. and i believe that it has to be a balanced approach. prioritizing locally owned businesses is a key part of the central economic development plan and many residents are concerned about preserving the character of this neighborhood and want a say in its future
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growth. the legislation will be an additional tool towards importing small businesses and arts organizations that have long contributed to mid-market identity and economic vitality and which often serve as the levitt institutions for residents, workers and tourists alike. back in april 2004 the city did adopt a planning code section which defined a formula retail use and either permitted it, authorized it as a conditional use, or prohibited it in various areas of the city. with over 3100 new residential units in the development pipeline from mid-market, 11 new technology companies, a food emporium, and thousands of employees moving to mid-market corridor, the success of this rapidly growing neighborhood especially today is tied to this ability to maintain diverse small businesses which contribute to character and vibrancy. as a city continues to attract new businesses in this emerging retail corridor, there is a desire to attract neighborhood retail that is in keeping with the character of this historic area.
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in the central market area there already exist 10 formula retail fast food establishments and two formula retail pharmacies. it is not monitored and regulated additional formula retill may hamper our goal of a diverse retail base with the distinct neighborhood personality. many of which tend to be nontraditional or unique. and tends to skew in terms of local and regional retailers versus national. our office would like a study of formula retail uses in central market. however, we understand because there are several pending legislations on formula retail control, we would like planning to do an overall assessment city-wide including mid-market corridor as part of its study to see how formula retail can benefit or detract from the economic development of our neighborhoods. so, this is just an interim control for 18 months. we do have an exception for grocery stores which we know is a huge need in the neighborhood, although we are very excited that we are welcoming a 2000 square foot
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market in the building that is now occupied by twitter and yemmer which will all be locally owned -- primarily locally owned small businesses that will make up a [speaker not understood] type small food grocery store in a very large space. so, we're excited about that. we still want to see more grocery stores in the area and have made exceptions for that, but we do look forward to the city-wide study and are particularly interested in this corridor and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to join my colleagues in the condolances to supervisor willie b. kennedy and friends. also the two teens that perished in the tragedy at the airport. and not only family and friends here, but also in korea and china. i wanted to also alert everyone that the outside alliance music festival is coming in mid august, but one of the key
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changes and improvements for the contract for the outside alliance festival in golden gate park in my district has been a commitment from another planet entertainment to hire locally and they are conducting a major hiring job fair on july 13 this saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the san francisco county fair building in golden gate park on 9th avenue at lincoln. i wanted to say that my work with the recreation and park department and others have led to a number of community benefits besides hiring locally from the neighborhoods around the park that are the most impacted by the concert, the three-day concert, but also other benefits like supporting the smaller merchants and local businesses along the inner sunset or the inner richmond areas and the outer richmond areas around balboa around the festival site. also efforts to createv an opportunity for community-based groups around the park that bear the brunt of the impacts
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of the three-day festival each year and the several days to set up and clean up as well. this event, job fair is the result of a number of negotiations between my office and another planet entertainment. we have [speaker not understood] many san franciscans and others who live around the park will benefit from jobs that will be created temporarily for the festival, but thes also other events planet does in the future. i also wanted to say that the businesses that are around the park also understand that lots of people will come into the festival and our hope is that with the various more chartctiontionv associations and [speaker not understood] also inner clement, outer balboa and other areas in the park as well. [speaker not understood] commit today hiring for the following positions. site set up and tear-down crews, ~ bartenders and beverage and catering, but also national event services, security guards.
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and there's various types of requirement, the ability to lift 25 pounds to be of course if you're serving alcohol, over 21. and other different requirements. if you have any questions about this, you can contact my office or visit sf outside our office has been working with various beacon center and youth and neighborhood groups to make sure that people noel about this important job fair. we'll work with supervisor katy tang's office and others to make sure there is good outreach to the sunset and other areas around the park as well. also coming up this saturday is an effort by the san francisco parks conservancy at ocean beach with ben and jerry's ice cream to clean up the beach. i know that sunday streets which covered not only the great highway, but also the edge of golden gate park that many people out there -- and i think these efforts, partnerships with the recreation and parks
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department, ben and jerry's and others really make a difference in ocean beach especially around the fire bits area that are the very western edge of golden gate park. join us to enjoy the ocean beach and lend a much needed hand with trash pick up, graffiti removal and landscaping. the rec and park department needs your help to keep our coastline healthy, commissioner sue leectionv clean, and safe for everyone. ~ the wildlife and the whole community as well. rally your friends and family and it really will be about celebrating our healthy neighborhoods and areas of san francisco, but also enjoying free ice cream from ben and jerry's after we clean up the beach. the volunteers should meet at 9:00 a.m. at the ocean beach number 21 which is just south of the beach restaurant at the western edge of golden gate park. for anyone interested, you can go to www.parks for more information. and lastly, mayor lee and
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supervisor campos and supervisor kim and others have raised the issue of support for city college. i wanted to say that i'm very hopeful that our city family can support the special trustee [speaker not understood], but also the elected community college board trustees as they figure out what the role of the elected trustees will be. i wanted to say also that supervisor wiener and i and others are going to be supporting the students, faculty, staff, and the communities as they are marching right now in support of city college and i wanted to let people know that the rally and the march at the department of education building is going on. we're intending to be out there. i'd like to also emphasize a few points that supervisor campos made that city college, the 90,000 students, all of us, we have some direct connection to them.
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many of them are immigrants that need the -- abshrewdly need those esl and job training classes and any efforts to downsize or eliminate the key community based programs for community colleges would be tragic harm to the whole city. and the california community college chancellor bribes harris i think said it best recently ~ in remarks after the horrifying and -- the horrifying decision by the accj.c., the accrediting agency. he said lots of accreditation to city college would in many cases void the ability of students to transfer credits. it would jeopardize financial aid and cut off state funding for the college. essentially, the loss of accreditation would be the death penalty for city college. we simply cannot allow that to happen. so, i join with the students, the community, the faculty and staff, and others, to do everything we can as a city to save city college. and i think a lot of the work
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will be behind the scenes with the college trustees, faculty and others. we need to build up much more public awareness of the existence of this accrediting bode and i do everything we can to support our city college. the rest i'll submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. i just wanted to rise to say happy birthday to supervisor jane kim. today is hader birthday. ~ her birthday. i don't think she knew that we knew. now you know. i just wanted to wish you a happy 29th birthday. (applause) >> and the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. all of those items will be appropriately referred. mr. president, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you. madam clerk, let's go to roll call. >> at this time the public may comment generally up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including item number 1, the policy discussion